GeoOrbital Bicycle Wheel - Electric Conversion in 60 seconds! In store or Online!

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The Patent Pending GeoOrbital wheel is an evolution of the orbital wheel (the wheels on the TRON Motorcycles). The GeoOrbital wheel replaces a standard bicycle front wheel to turn your bike into a powerful electric bike in under 60 seconds. Purchase at and use code "GeoEuro17" at checkout for an additional 5% discount.

Everything needed to add electric power to your bike is included in the wheel.

The only part that is attached separately from the wheel is a simple thumb activated throttle, which is easily clipped onto your handlebar.

The Panasonic 36V removable Lithium-Ion battery (with a built in USB outlet for charging your electronics) provides a pedal assisted range of up to 50 miles per-battery (up to a 30 mile range for the 26 inch wheel). With little to no pedaling you will go up to 20 miles on a single battery (up to 12 miles for the 26 inch wheel). The more you choose to pedal the more range you can expect, and you can always take a spare battery with you for longer rides.

Contact us for a demo if your in the area, or if you wish to purchase here.

Why is the wheel called "GeoOrbital?"

An Orbital wheel is a wheel with no center it "orbits" around an empty area, rather than spinning as a result of being connected to a "hub." For example have you seen the movie TRON? The wheels on those motorcycles are examples of Orbital Wheels (or Hubless wheels and Centerless wheels). The GeoOrbital wheel is an evolution of the Orbital wheel platform, where instead of orbiting around an empty space, the center of the wheel contains components that make the wheel function as an "all-in-one" vehicle propulsion system. We call this central mass a "Geo."

Why does the GeoOrbital wheel go on the front?

There are several reasons that we chose to make the GeoOrbital a front wheel application.

Ease of Installation it takes under 1 minute and no tools to install.
Ease of Replacement when you choose to put your spoked wheel back on it takes seconds to make the switch.
Compatibility - it works with a much greater range of bikes than a rear wheel replacement, supporting any amount of bike speeds, transmission components, "in-hub" brakes, fork sizes and bike chain technologies.
All Wheel Drive because the GeoOrbital wheel doesn't interfere with your bike's chain or rear wheel, you can get all-wheel-drive by using the throttle while pedaling.

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